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Console Competition ending soon!

Thanks again for the continued support everybody! The Trivia contest for a chance to win a console are now Live! Make sure you are signed up for the right Trivia Tier based on what prize you want to compete for. Let me know if you have questions in comments below!

3 Seperate Contest

$5 For a chance to win $150 ( Currently 9 Participants)

$20 for a chance to win console ( Currently 8 Participants)

The 2nd console giveaway is for people who refers other people to the Competition! IF YOU INVITED THE WINNER OF ANY OF THE COMPETITION, YOU ALSO WIN THAT SAME PRIZE! (Must be signed up at equal tier or higher), this is also good for people who may not be good at trivia but knows someone who is!)

These Competitions will be held monthly so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime!

Sign up or to get more info here -

ALSO HUGE SHOUT OUT to my first Canadian winners!!! This is my second international winner and I’m glad that my reach is expanding!!!! Let’s keep growing so I can turn these monthly giveaway to weekly giveaways one day!!

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