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Ghost Of Tsushima First Impression Review

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Story Line:

So far the storyline for Ghost of Tsushima is pretty solid and entertaining! It takes place in the samurai era and the great thing about the game, it's based off of the actual invasion from the Mongols that happened in the 13th century. The Main character who is Jan Sakai and your entire village is ransacked by the enemy which are called Mongols. The game is about one man's journey on revenge and also fighting for his people. Throughout the game you’re learning on how he became who he is and the decisions that he faced with to save everyone. Most of these decisions are going against his teachings and his code of honor as a samurai. He has a serious inner struggle with his beliefs, but at the same time he's trying to do what's right without compromising his honor!

Length of the Game/ Side Missions

Right now I am anywhere between 10 and 12 hours into the game, but i have been doing a lot of side missions. Once something pops up i'm like oh let me explore that so i haven't really been sticking strictly solely to the storyline but it seems like how the story is actually unraveling I might be halfway through but I could be wrong. The side missions have been fun and haven’t felt to repetitive unlike most games. Each side mission may have small back story, or it may show some context of that time period.

Gameplay Mechanics

The Great thing about this game is that I feel immersed in the world and time period, but not only that, I truly fell like a badass samurai! There is a small learning curve because of the button configuration is different than any other game that I have played, but once you get used to them it works. There do a great job fitting so many actions and commands with the limit of amount of buttons. There are a ton of different fighting styles/ stances to choose from depending on the type of enemy that you are facing. Also you get a vast amount of gadgets in your arsenal as well, which can be a bit difficult to switch to on the fly without practice.

Game of the Year Contender???

As of right now, I feel that this game has a lot of competition. Last of Us 2 was a master piece and has set the bar incredibly high for 2020. As of right now I don’t feel that this can win game of the year, but that may change once I complete the game and understand how vast this world and storyline is. What I will say is that his game so far is worth every penny. You could wait for a price drop for the holiday, but I truly feel that Sucker Punch Studios Deserve that support for this AAA game, so $60 is worth it. For more in depth questions check out the posted Interview on this page, and part two will be coming out once I complete the game.


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